Five Important Sex Facts for Teens

Are you thinking about sex? Are you wondering if you should have it? Do you want to know the best way to do it? Are you embarrassed to admit that you don’t know as much about sex as you pretend?

Read on for some great information so you can learn everything you want to know about sex, be able to make the best decisions about sex, and learn how to be great in this area of your life.

Hey parents, you may want to show this to your kids.

Here is the first thing you need to know: sex is not intercourse. The idea that sex is defined by a man placing his penis in a woman’s vagina is dead wrong. Any contact between people that results in erotic stimulation can be considered sex. This can happen between a man and a woman, two men, two women, whatever. It can include everything from sharing an ice cream sandwich to the most intimate bodily contact. So don’t think you need to have intercourse to have sex!

You can start practicing and learning good sex habits and not have intercourse for years.

Here is the second thing you need to know, and it is even more important than the first thing: sex is not the most important thing in the world (Maybe second or third, but not first). It is good, and done right it can be one of the great pleasures of life. But there is something way more important, and that is love.

Here is the third thing you need to know: the most important thing you need to learn how to do so you can have a great sex life is to learn how to have great, loving relationships.

Get ready for number four: The number one thing you need to do to have great, loving relationships is to love yourself.

Number five: The way to get good at anything is to practice.

So let’s put all these together. The best thing you can do to have a great sex life is to practice loving yourself. If you love yourself, then you can practice having great, loving, relationships. Through this practice, you can learn how to love. If you have a great relationship with yourself, then you would only accept having physical contact with a loving partner. When you form a trusting, safe, loving relationship with someone, you can begin to practice sex. And you can do this without ever having intercourse!

Dr. Glenn Berger is a psychotherapist, relationship counselor, business and artist’s coach, and young person’s mentor. He sees patients in New York City, in Mt. Kisco, NY, and around the world by Skype.

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