Holding Life Consciously

Krista Tippett is the host of a wonderful radio show called, “On Being.”

You’ve got to be particularly spiritual to hear it in New York; it is on WNYC at 7 AM on Sunday mornings.

Today, at that time, I was driving through the northern Westchester countryside. The sun pushed through the early-morning fog to illuminate the golden-leafed maple trees, the current burst of color this November morning.

It was a beautiful backdrop to the compelling and inspiring show I was listening to, called, “Holding Life Consciously.” The guest was physicist Arthur Zajonc, who sees contemplation as investigating life from the inside. We hear how this physicist draws on the humanities and meditation to integrate the intellectual and sensory aspects of life.

Tippett’s show, “On Being” is a spacious conversation — and an evolving media space — about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit.

You can listen to the Arthur Zajonc episode here. I recommend it highly.

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