Shrinky Comes Out on the Side of Love

Shrinky, the wise muppet-like psychotherapist and iPhone app character, yesterday announced that he believes that the answer to life is love. “All the wise philosphers, religious prophets, and artists were right – love is the answer,” Shrinky said at the press conference he called to make the announcement. “Money, stuff, food, drugs, alcohol, random sex, power, fame, facebook – though fun, just don’t cut it in terms of the human fulfillment thing,” he continued.

Shrinky came to this revelation through years of research observing human beings. The result is that people who love themselves, an intimate partner, friends, family, humanity as a whole, the planet, and the cosmos are simply happier and lead better lives.

On the other side, Shrinky was sad to report that despite there being 500,000,000 members of Facebook, an untold number of people lead lonely, disconnected lives. “The people who participated in my study reported that there are many people who just aren’t polite. They don’t return calls, emails, and texts. People are spending less and less time looking in other people’s eyes. Few people know how to communicate in a truly open way,” Shrinky reported. “We are in a connection crisis.”

What did Shrinky suggest to humanity? “To truly love, to treat yourself and others with kind consideration, passionate commitment, and open-hearted generosity of spirit, is not easy,” he stated, “and the risks of pain and loss are great. But your fate, the fate of your fellow humans, and the fate of your planet depend on your willingness to risk and suffer all for love. I recommend you give it a try.”

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