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“I can’t help but feel that Shrinky is the future of the psych field.” – Chris Hall, 143Apps

Buy Shrinky's Anger Remedy Now“Shrinky’s® Anger Remedy” App

for the iPhone® and the iPod Touch®

Puts Anger Management

in the Palm of Your Hand

Are you ready to blow your top? Whether you are about to yell at your boss, jump out of your car on the highway, or fight with your kid’s soccer coach, “Shrinky’s Anger Remedy”can help you now.

“Shrinky’s Anger Remedy” is fast, easy, and fun. It’s based on tried-and-true science, so it works. Just follow the simple instructions, and in minutes you’ll feel ready to handle anything.

At $2.99 it is way cheaper than any anger management therapist or program, and Shrinky is there for you 24/7 whenever you need him.

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Therapy research tells us it takes five steps to cool your jets, and “Shrinky’s Anger Remedy”gives you them all:

1. Awareness: If you can name it, you can tame it. The way to know you are angry is to know what’s going on in your body, and in your thoughts.

2. Connection: You need to be able to get the connection between what’s going on in your body, your head, and your emotions to be able to stop yourself from losing it.

3. Breathe and Ground: You need to turn off the body’s emergency system which tells you to fight, and turn on the inner “all-clear.” The way to do that is to breathe and feel your butt in the chair.

4. Let Go: You need to visualize sending your anger off on a garbage truck. Say goodbye to your anger!

5. Rezone: You need to focus on something other than the thing that is ticking you off.

With Shrinky’s help you can nail those five steps, and in no time at all you’re cool!


Here are a few other things that are great about Shrinky’s Anger Remedy:

It’s totally private. No one will know! (They’ll think you’re listening to The Black Keys.)

You will start to calm down by listening to chill music.

You can look at pretty pictures or close your eyes.

Press the buttons to go through it as quickly or as slowly as you like.

Unlike expensive medications, Shrinky has no side effects!

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“Shrinky’s® Anxiety Remedy” AppBuy Shrinky's Anxiety Remedy Now 

for the iPhone® and the iPod Touch®

Puts a Calming Therapist in your Pocket

Do you have a fear of flying and are dreading that upcoming plane flight? Do you suffer from social phobia and are afraid of meeting new people? Do you have trouble with anxiety and get tense when you need to meet a work deadline?

If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, or panicky, the app “Shrinky’s Anxiety Remedy” for the iPhone® and iPod touch® can help calm you down in minutes.

Shrinky is your personal, 24/7 therapist that you carry with you and use whenever you need immediate emotional support.


Shrinky is easy to use, fast, and it works! Whenever you are struggling with difficult emotions just slip on your headphones and press the begin button. You will have complete privacy. In a few simple steps you will get relief from your bad feelings. Shrinky’s scientific, therapy-based method helps the first time and gets better the more you use it.

Best of all, Shrinky is cheap. Shrinky gives you therapy tools at a fraction of the cost of in-person therapy. And unlike expensive medications, Shrinky’s techniques cause no unwanted side-effects!

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