The Secret to Love

How can you have a great partnership, or marriage, that will last for a lifetime?

If you and your partner can bring the simple 3-parts of the Attuned Relationship Method into your life you can have a lifetime of love and passion.

Here are the three parts of an Attuned Relationship:

1. You need to be real. In order to be real you need to be in touch with yourself. You have to know what you think and feel. You have to be able to express your thoughts and feelings in a way that is both honest and that can be heard.

2. You need to be loving. That means putting your partner’s well being equal to your own. It means working on eliminating negative judgements about them. It means seeing their beauty, their goodness, and what is best in them. It means being able to express those positive feelings toward them.

3. You need to be open. This means that you are willing to see things through your partner’s eyes, and feel things the way they feel them. You need to learn how to listen deeply to your partner. Your goal needs to be to understand even if you don’t agree. Your aim needs to be to make sure that your patner has the experience of being “gotten.”

If both partners do this, then you can have a great relationship that will last forever.

What do you believe keeps a relationship vital? Comment below.

Dr. Glenn Berger is a psychotherapist, relationship counselor, business and artist’s coach, and young person’s mentor. He sees patients in New York City, in Mt. Kisco, NY, and around the world by Skype.

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