Is Dylan Rude and Arrogant?


On October 22, 2016, Liam Stack in the New York Times reported that a member of the Nobel Academy called Dylan “rude and arrogant” for not responding to the news that he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Is Dylan rude and arrogant? Watch this performance by Glenn Berger and the great Mary Lee Kortes (singing excerpts from BOTT, including a stirring performance of “Idiot Wind” with Andy York and Rob Paparozzi) from the NY STUDIO CATS REUNION SHOW at The Cutting Room on September 29, 2016, about what it was like to work with Dylan on his history-making album, BLOOD ON THE TRACKS, (Berger is the only person alive who witnessed all the NY sessions, including Dylan, himself.)  for an answer to this question!

Read the full story, and more, in Glenn Berger’s memoir of his days and very long nights in the New York music recording world of the 1970s, NEVER SAY NO TO A ROCK STAR: IN THE STUDIO WITH DYLAN, SINATRA, JAGGER AND MORE out now on Schaffner Press.

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  1. Dennias Doherty /

    Dylan has always been rude and arrogant. One need only watch the documentary of his 65 tour of Britain, “Don’t Look Back”. On top of that, his mind is not what it once was.