Never Say No to a Rock Star

“Glenn captures the excitement of making music and gives the reader a true feeling of being a part of the drive and fantasy, the magic and insanity, the moments of sheer exasperation and sheer wonder.”                                                                           — JUDY COLLINS, Grammy winning singer/songwriter

“This book is beautifully written in the voice of a young idealist navigating the maelstrom and learning about life at the center of the action.”                                                                                                                                                                                         — STEPHEN HOLDEN, music and film critic

“One of the best “ROCK ‘N ROLL” writers I’ve ever read . . . RUN (and I mean that) to your computer and order a copy of Glenn’s new book “Never Say No to A Rock Star.”                                                                                                                                       — CHUCK GRANATA, author, record producer, and radio host

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  1. Glenn–looking forward to the book! I have my local bookstore on notice about it. Hope there’ll be a suitable amount of analog audio geek-speak in it for those of us interested in the technical aspects as well as the star stuff. (I think you have a large and enthusiastic secondary market among people who worked either in recording or in radio during the 70s and 80s and remember the equipment as well as the personalities; I’ll be looking something up on the internet, e.g. “Bell Sound 54th St.”, and stumble onto all sorts of chat boards for engineers debating furiously about equipment that’s long gone.)

    Anyway, looking forward to the book, as I said, and I hope it gets lots of notice.

    Cheers, Doug R.

  2. Congrats Glenn!
    (Just ordered)

  3. Gene Harlot /

    Glen….Wow…who would have thought??? You engineered “Cool Dude & Foxy Lady” and “Spray Paint Bandit” so many years ago that are now getting a little notice. Congrats on the book….your professional success and your blog…I look forward to more from your interesting and artistic voice!
    Gene Harlot ( Harlots of 42nd Street)